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Facebook Ad Strategies

10 Surprising Reasons Facebook Ads Are Right For Your Business

By July 31, 2017 No Comments

These days marketers and businesses are doing all they can to reach customers where they are spending most of their time… online. We hear all the time that one of the best ways to advertise is through social media, where billions of people are spending time every day.

The fact is, with 60+ social media platforms out there it’s just impossible to be advertising effectively on every single one. So which of these options should you invest your time in to get the best possible results for your business?

Here are 10 reasons Facebook ads are right for your business!

#1 Facebook has a LARGE audience!

Facebook has 1.94 billion active monthly users worldwide! In fact, the biggest age demographic found on Facebook is ages 25-49, these are attractive age targets for advertising. Facebook has users of all ages, even older ones! So whoever you are trying to reach the odds are they are on Facebook!

Studies have shown that Facebook users spend AT LEAST 20 minutes checking Facebook every day, plenty of time to see and respond to your ads!

Not to mention that Facebook gives you the added ability to reach your prospects by their behaviors online and off.  This is a powerful tool for you because behaviors (habits and practices) are ingrained in a person where as interest come and go.

#2 You can target your EXACT audience!

Facebook ads targeting capabilities are simply amazing. Thanks to the 1.94 billion users Facebook has, they have the most accurate audience options, ranging from education, work, financial status, generation, location, behaviors, languages, parental status, interest age range, and loads more!

Every time a person likes, shares, posts, or interacts on Facebook, information on that is submitted into Facebook’s data and provided for you as an advertiser. Such info makes Facebook ads perfect for your business.

#3 Facebook Ads can get results for your business quickly.

Once you have discovered the best way to reach your audience on Facebook and build your Facebook campaign you can begin to see results as soon as the ad is approved by Facebook. In fact, once our customers have their market research done, audiences built, ad copy written, and the initial campaign created, they can often begin to see results within 48 -72 hours from the time the ad is approved.

The key to getting quick results is having a tested and proven strategy of which type of ad campaign you are going to use. This way you remove the guesswork of if the campaign is the right kind and only have to adjust the audience and message as needed.

#4 Facebook has exceptional opportunities to retarget potential customers.

As I mentioned earlier, Facebook tracks their user’s likes, posts, and interactions with ads, websites, and landing pages. With remarketing, you can advertise based on specific pages people have visited on your website, actions they have taken, how much time has been spent on your website, how much of a particular video they have watched, and the list goes on and on! Use the Facebook pixel and custom audience feature to take advantage of this.

The Facebook pixel is activated when someone visits a page from a website where the code is installed. The pixel can be used to track registering, purchases, and even retarget audiences, or find new customers using a lookalike audience (more on that in step 5).

You can also upload a list of contacts you have already acquired to Facebook, and this will ensure you keep in front of that audience as well.

#5 You can find more of your best customers!

Facebook ads also have an awesome feature called a Lookalike Audience. What is a lookalike audience and how can it help you?

Once you have found an audience that is getting results for your business, Facebook allows you to take that group of people and look for people similar to that audience. Facebook has over 2,000 data points on each user. They can then use that information to find new prospects for you at a depth that you would not be able to find on your own.

That way, you are reaching out to those you know are most like your other leads or your best customers.

#6 Facebook ads have goal oriented campaigns

I already mentioned how you could customize whom you are reaching with Facebook ads. You can also choose the exact goal of your campaign and what you want it to accomplish.

Facebook is always coming up with new ways to stay in front of your prospects. You can reach your audience by video ads, article ads, lead ads, dynamic product ads, boosted page posts, collection ads, canvas ads, and so much more!

There are multiple forms of media like images and video for your campaign. You can use these forms of media to change the design of your ad to reach different goals. Whether you want a single image, single video, or a slideshow, it’s up to you. You can also change your headline, description, and invite a call to action. The variety of ad campaigns means you can create custom campaigns to appeal to every different audience you want to engage.

Most importantly, to reach your goal, you should choose a campaign type that best fits your overall objective for what you are trying to accomplish with your ads. For example, if your goal is leads, use a Lead Generation Campaign. If your goal is video views, use a Video view campaign. If your goal is just to get people to your website, then use a click to website campaign. The key is to keep things simple and use a campaign that can accomplish your goal.

#7 You can collect more information from your prospects info with lead ads!

Lead ads are campaigns that include a call to action button. This can include a subscribe or sign up button. It even allows your potential customers to request something from your business like price estimates, newsletters, and more.

When your leads click these buttons, they are redirected to a form already filled out with their accurate personal information, which comes from what they have already shared with Facebook. This highly appeals to potential customers who are busy and don’t have time to fill out forms.

#8 You can split test your ads!

Split testing is necessary! If you are not split testing, you could be losing out on more customers. Most importantly though, many people don’t know how to correctly execute a split test on Facebook. During the initial month, your ad is running, it’s important to be running a few split test every 7-14 days.

#9 You can reach more people on Facebook for less!

Facebook ads allow you to choose how much you are willing to spend and how long you want the ad to remain active. Facebook ads are budget capable while still creating an abundance of conversions!

Along with Facebook, Google AdWords is one of the world’s most popular advertising platforms. That being said, Facebook ads provides many more options than Google AdWords. For example, Google AdWords uses keywords to advertise, this helps to reach prospects when they are doing online searches. Facebook however, uses prospects behaviors online to directly advertise to the user. This is highly effective in creating more results faster. Not to mention Facebook is cheaper than Google AdWords.

#10 Facebook ads are constantly adding new features.

Finally, Facebook excels ahead of all other social media platforms! Still the largest used platform and the most active in helping advertisers. With new features coming out all the time, Facebook ads are always ahead of the game!

The best thing you can do is start advertising with Facebook ads! Facebook ads will no doubt change your business for the better!

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