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After a customer’s Team Launch Call has been scheduled, the first campaign will usually take between 9-14 business days to go live. In some cases where not everything has been provided to our team, the process can take longer.

To set up an initial campaign for a new Zenfusion customer, our team will:

  • Get needed access to Facebook pages and existing ad accounts
  • Check to make sure everything for this business is compliant with Facebook’s policies
  • Complete a rigorous market research process
  • Develop the offer that this market wants based on your products or services and the market research provided
  • Adapt one of our tested ad strategies to fit your business
  • Write multiple version of ad copy for your business
  • Create custom graphics to be used
  • Build audiences that fit your market
  • And build out the initial campaign.

As you can see a lot is involved and it takes the entire team to complete it.

After your initial campaign is build, new campaigns moving forward will be able to be created and built much faster. Usually in less than 5 business days.

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