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Facebook ads have been a trusted source of advertising by many businesses! The highly customizable campaigns offer ways to target potential customers unlike any other. Now they are adding another feature that’s going get you, even more, results and even help save you a bit of money. This tool is Facebook family advertising.

First of all, why will Facebook’s family targeting get you more results?

Although a family may not scroll through the same things on Facebook, they often have the same interests and discuss the same topics. So advertising to your customers family or those in the same household will often result in more customers.

This feature also might help aim the right ads to those influencing purchasing decisions (ex: a child) and those making the purchases (ex: a mother).

How does family advertising work?

Businesses can upload a custom audience that reflects their customers such as an email list. They can then turn on family targeting to reach those targeted as well as, the household.

The way Facebook finds out who is in the same household is by looking at a user’s relationships on their profile, who they put as a mother, brother, sister, etc. They can also look at who has the same last name, home locations, and what area they connect to the internet. So clearly Facebook can very accurately determine who is in the same household.

How can this feature save you money on advertising?

Some products or services only need to be purchased once by a household. For example, a Netflix service is something every home will share. Family targeting can determine which homes have already bought a brand’s product or services, this way you know to stop wasting ad revenue and advertise to a different household.

Facebook is also adding more data to show you the number of households reached, as well as new measurement insights to show you how campaigns drive results across household members.

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  • David Rogers says:

    Very interesting. First thing I thought of was can you use this to target gift giving? For example, I sell a fly fishing product. If the husband is a fly fisherman, could I target an ad to the wife when it’s his birthday or around the holidays?

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