CASE STUDY - How We Generated 3,842 Leads for Only $0.65 Per Lead Using a Contest & Facebook Lead Ads


Our client America's Incredible Pizza Company wanted to do a contest where they would do a give away for a $100 Gift Card to 25 Families each week.

Typically contests set up on Facebook would go through a software like Rafflecopter, etc. However, we wanted to strip it down and use just Facebook's Lead Ad for this contest. The video above explains how we did that.

Our Ad Copy: 
1. Called out the audience 
2. Asked them a question 
3. Presented the offer 
4. Included a simple Call to Action.
-To be compliant, we added the legal statements required by Facebook.

For our ad creative, we had a video showing exactly what it's like at America's Incredible Pizza Company...families having fun playing laser tag, riding go carts, riding a roller coaster, playing games and eating pizza!

On the Lead Form:
-First Name, Last Name, and Email Fields
-Qualifying question to segment audience in the client's CRM platform
-Terms and conditions & privacy policy linked specifically for the contest

We used a simplified approach with our strategy by using Facebook lead ads with a modification of where we put the contest rules in the Lead Form, using the Elevated Ad Copy Formula, and using Facebook's Lead Form as a way to enter contest and to qualify leads by location. This simple approach produced outstanding results!

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