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Adcelerator™ Facebook Ad Templates Package

Adcelerator™ Facebook Ad Templates Package

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MARKETERS: Are you tired of wasting your hard-earned money AND your precious time on graphic designers, copywriters, complicated software, and research in a painstaking effort to create effective Facebook and Instagram ads?

If so, then Zenfusion's PROVEN Facebook ad templates will be a game-changer for you, your team, and your business!

Let's face it...we both know that finding and creating ad images and ad copy that grabs your prospects by the throat and gets their undivided attention while scrolling through Facebook or Instagram is NO easy task. Would you agree?

On top of that, your graphic designer and copywriter may spend hours, days, or even weeks trying to create something that looks good but doesn't even generate results for you. Now you've wasted money, time, AND resources...and you're back to the drawing board. 

Zenfusion has reinvented the way you create and deploy Facebook and Instagram ads for your business! 

 Adcelerator Facebook Ad Copy and Images


Imagine being able to copy and paste in ad copy and upload money-getting ad images within minutes knowing that each of your ad campaigns and ad sets will easily generate new leads, sales, and profits for you...Have I got your attention?

GOOD! We've spent more than 6 years and millions of dollars ($8M+ and counting) on the Facebook ad platform split testing all types of ad images and copy for small, medium, and enterprise businesses across nearly every industry you can imagine to bring you proven, full proof ad templates that are simple to edit and easy to deploy quickly. 

Facebook Ad Success

We've developed successful ads for Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Jon Mac, Treehouse, Crowd Source, Liquid Web, Neuro Gym and many others. 

Each image you receive within your package has been enhanced using a special process we call "Emotional Enhancement™" to maximize the engagement and emotional response of your ads. 

The ad copy included with your package is based on timeless psychological principles that have been tested extensively so you can copy and paste your way to success. 

The Facebook ad templates that you will receive in this package includes everything you need to launch successful Facebook and Instagram ads within minutes.

 Customers Love our Facebook Ads Templates


  1. Deploy in Minutes
  2. Easily Editable in Canva
  3. No More Wasted Ad Spend
  4. Simplifies Split Testing
  5. Cuts Out Boat Loads of Time
  6. Eliminates Costly Tools & Subscriptions 
  7. Delivers Consistent Results 


Facebook Ad Copy & Images


Each  Adcelerator™ Facebook Ad Template Package come with 3 Facebook ad template bundles. 

Each of the 3 Ad Template Bundles Includes:

1. Completed Facebook Ad Examples - So you know EXACTLY how your ad should look once you've deployed the template. 

2. Ad Copy Templates - You'll receive ad copy for both your cold traffic and retargeting ads that are built using our PROVEN ad copy formulas. The ad copy will be based on commonly used successful offers for your niche so you can use them as is or easily modify the ad copy to better fit your own offers. 

3. Enhanced Standard Ad Image Templates (1200x628) - You'll get multiple versions of our enhanced proven image within the bundle so you have different background versions to choose from. Your ad image templates included are easily modifiable within Canva (an easy and free online tool). 

4. Enhanced Native Ad Image Templates (800x800) - Run native looking ads and promoted posts using these taller more engaging images. Multiple background versions included and all images are completely editable within Canva. 

5. Overlay Elements - Each package will include a HUGE selection of effective overlay elements that you can add to your images to further enhance your ads and offers. These include badges, strips, ribbons, and much, much more. 

    BONUS: With your purchase today you'll also receive a step-by-step training video by Facebook ads expert, Justin Lofton, that shows you exactly how to quickly and easily edit your ad copy and image templates so you can successfully deploy  them within Facebook's ad platform. 

    So if you're ready to start consistently seeing a DRAMATICALLY better return on your ad spend (ROAS) from your Facebook ads WITHOUT the hassles and frustration of creating your own ad copy and images, then the Adcelerator™ Facebook Ad Template Packages is the solution you've always been looking for. 

     Facebook Ad Template VIP Club


    When you join the Adcelerator™ VIP Club you'll receive a package with 3 NEW Facebook ad templates included each month. 

    By being a member of the Adcelerator™ VIP Club you'll avoid the nasty effects of ad fatigue and continue to have fresh new ad copy and enhanced images delivered to you each and every month for use with your existing and new offers. 

    Helping people get results with Facebook Ads

    Join hundreds of other savvy business owners and marketers that are leveraging the Adcelerator™ Facebook Ad Template Packages to consistently grow their leads, sales, and profits everyday!

    60 Day Money Back Guarantee


    We Guarantee You'll See Results with Your Adcelerator™ Facebook Ad Templates or Simply Show Us That You've Run Ads for a Week or Longer Using Them Within 60 Days & We'll Refund Your Money!



    1. What kind of license/permission do I have to use these images?

    If you purchase our standard license offering you have permission to use the images for your own personal use or use within your company. Under US copyright laws you may not share or resell any aspect of our templates.

    Each agency license package we offer includes a license to use the templates with your clients only. Again, under US copyright laws you may not share or resell any aspect of our templates.

    2. Can I edit the images?

    YES! We've built the templates so that you can edit many of the elements within each template to enable you to customize your ad images to match your brands look and feel and your offer.

    We recommend using Canva as it is easy and free to use and we provide video training using Canva so you know exactly how to easily edit your ad image templates.  You can also use the image editing software of your choice if you'd like as well.

     3. Do you guys do custom work?

    YES! For a select number of clients we will do custom graphic design work that includes Facebook ads, social profile images, trade show booths and signage, and much more. Simply fill out this form and we'll contact you for more details.