Facebook Advertising Case Studies

See How We Have Helped Others Get Results with Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ad Success Formula

Facebook ad success is made up of three simple elements. 1) An offer that converts on Facebook 2) A working conversion funnel 3) a tested and scaleable ad strategy. When you have these elements in your business you are ready to consistently grow and scale with Facebook ads!


Results Matter

We’ve spent more than 6 years and millions of dollars ($10M+ and counting) on the Facebook ad platform helping businesses across nearly every industry you can imagine. We help businesses scale their lead generation efforts on Facebook so they can get more leads into their sales funnel. Want us to help you scale your business with Facebook ads?

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    "Our experience with Zenfusion has been great. Our cost to acquire new members have gone down and new memberships have increased. We have also been able to scale our ad budget while still keeping the cost per new member acquisition low. When I send over new blogs and content for the funnel to be advertised we send it to the support team and they have the new campaigns up and are quickly getting us results!"
    Charlotte Parrish
    Keeping Current Matters
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    "Week 1 of service Zenfusion came out of the gate with value! They reduced my cost per appointment by $15 and were able to keep it lower than average during our worst time of year. I needed to be focusing on growing my business and not on managing Facebook ads. So happy to find a knowledgeable agency I can trust and that know what they are doing!"
    Josh Rhodes
    Big Lead Gen Inc.
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    "I have been wanting to use Facebook to generate leads and sales on autopilot for some time and thanks to Zenfusion I am doing it. I was very excited to get my first sale from my Facebook leads and I love that the team also helps me to analyze the campaigns so I can continue to grow."
    Amy Ahlers
    Wake-Up Call Coaching
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    "To date, The Zenfusion team has generated 7,289 leads for our webinar funnel and we are only on month three of service! We have been able to generate over 40 sales of our core product which means that our ads consistently provide 500% ROAS!"
    Fred Gleek
    Information Marketing Expert
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    “I’m pretty good with Facebook ads but I needed a partner to take over so I could focus on other aspects of my business. It’s been one on the best decisions I’ve made.”
    Mark Zimmerman
    United Car Title Loans
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    “All of the campaigns that Zenfusion build for us now produce 300-400% ROI! The customer success team is always easy to work with and helped us optimize our ads performance and scale our ad spend quickly.”
    Lesley Heizman
    LifeAid Bev Co.
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    “Zenfusion is my secret weapon! The Zenfusion team have helped us scale our Facebook ads to the next level.”
    Todd Staples
    CMO of StealthAuto